illustration by Winry marini 2010

Flying Bats

If I could hide inside this cave,
What wondrous sight I'd see;
Brown bats all hanging upside down
Like dark leaves on a tree.
Their mouths wide open as they fly,
Shouting sounds as they go by;
The echoes bounce off rocks and things.
To help them steer their hunter's wings.

Little Bat

Small and furry,
little bat,
fly through the sky at night.

Listen, listen,
little bat
as echoes guide your flight.

Swoop and dive,
little bat,
catch insects as you fly.

Hurry, hurry,
little bat,
back to your nearby cave.

Snug and warm,
little bat,
toes hold the ceiling light.

Sleepy, sleepy,
little bat,
wrapped in your wings until night.

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