AFAR (Sci-fi Fantasy Project)

AFAR is a project about sci and fantasy such as planets, creatures etc


The first planet was Marood, inspired from Indonesian Folklore. The name came from the words Marakata (Sanskirt) and Zamrood (Arabic) which means Emerald. Sanskrit and Arabic languages have great influences in Indonesian literature. (read more)


Daquine, the planet named after the combination of "Kuda" (which means horse in Indonesian) and "Equine," focuses on a society predominantly inhabited by horse-like creatures. This unique setting suggests a civilization with a strong connection to horsemanship and the qualities often associated with horses, such as strength, agility, and grace.

The presence of warrior-like horse creatures implies a society skilled in combat and possibly organized into military structures. Their prowess in battle could play a significant role in shaping the planet's history and conflicts. On the other hand, having healers and scholars among the inhabitants suggests a balance between physical strength and intellectual pursuits. It's interesting to imagine how these different roles and professions interact within the society and contribute to its overall dynamics.

Exploring the themes of warfare, healing, and knowledge within the context of a horse-dominated planet can offer unique storytelling opportunities. The concept of an equine civilization provides a fresh perspective and allows for creative world-building and character development.

Since the inhabitants could travel to different planets, both planets were related and completed to each other. They were good allies.

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