Duck Family

Kelir Monthly October 2011: "Hujan (Rain)" theme.

Colored Pencil on Paper
By Winry Marini 2011

The Joyful Duck Family at the Pond in the Drizzle

In a peaceful and green farm, there's a small pond surrounded by lush trees. Here, lives a happy duck family, consisting of Daddy Duck, Mommy Duck, and their four cheerful ducklings.

One day, dark clouds covered the sky, and drizzles of raindrops fell gently from the gray sky. It was a drizzly day. However, at the small pond, the duck family wasn't bothered by the drizzle. Instead, they welcomed it with joy.

Daddy Duck proudly led their family to the edge of the pond. He sang a little cheerful tune, inviting his ducklings to rejoice in the drizzle. The ducklings, the Duckling Quartet, and their Littlest Duckling, cheered happily, following Daddy Duck's steps with excitement.

At the edge of the pond, the four of them eagerly waddled into the water. The cool pond water touched their bodies, making them feel refreshed and lively. Mommy Duck smiled happily watching her family's joy, and she herself waddled into the water to join them.

Daddy Duck, with his thick tail, swam in circles around his ducklings, providing them with support and safety. Meanwhile, Mommy Duck played with her ducklings in the water, splashing each other and laughing joyfully.

The drizzle grew heavier, but the duck family didn't mind. They enjoyed every raindrop that fell, feeling the warmth of unity and love among them. In this beautiful pond, they felt the true joy of family.

As dusk began to approach, the duck family emerged from the pond, but their hearts were still filled with joy. They returned to their nest with cheerful steps, gazing at the still drizzling sky, with smiles blooming on their faces.

That night, the duck family fell asleep peacefully, smiling in their dreams, awaiting new adventures they would face together. And under the drizzling sky, their love and happiness shone brightly, like a light at the end of the rainbow.

Drizzle Dance

In a pond, amidst the trees so green,  
Lives a duck family, a joyful scene.  
Daddy Duck leads, with a cheerful song,  
Through the drizzle, they all belong.

Mommy Duck follows, with a happy quack,  
Their ducklings four, in a joyful pack.  
They waddle into the pond so clear,  
The drizzle falls, but they have no fear.

The water's cool, a refreshing touch,  
As they splash and play, they enjoy so much.  
Daddy Duck swims in circles around,  
Watching his ducklings, safe and sound.

Mommy Duck joins, with a joyful cry,  
Splashing and laughing, they reach for the sky.  
The drizzle falls, but they don't mind,  
In this moment, true joy they find.

As the day fades and night draws near,  
They leave the pond, but the joy's still here.  
Back to their nest, with steps so light,  
Under the drizzle, their hearts take flight.

That night they sleep, with dreams so bright,  
In the drizzle's dance, they find delight.  
For in their love, they always see,  
The beauty of life's sweet symphony.

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