Horse 1988

Title: Brown Horse
Place/Date: Riau, 1988
Media: Colour pencil on paper
By Winry Marini

Early Artistic Exploration: Learning from Nature and Family

One of my earliest drawings showcases a horse, created with colored pencils on paper. It marked one of my initial attempts at anatomical drawing, with a focus on mastering shades, forms, and textures, particularly in the landscape and horse.

The scene depicts a red sun low in the sky, casting warm tones over a peaceful grassy meadow. A lone tree stands tall, its branches stretching upward. Positioned gracefully in the meadow, the horse emanates strength and elegance.

To render the horse realistically, I applied techniques I learned from my father. Using colored pencils, I layered shades meticulously to create depth and detail, paying close attention to light and shadow. Employing spiral forms added intricate texture to the horse's mane and coat, enhancing its lifelikeness.

Exploring colored pencils for shading and defining proved invaluable for refining my ability to depict depth and dimension. Including elements like the sun, tree, and grassland enriched the scene, improving its overall composition.

This early drawing reflects my eagerness to learn and grow as an artist. By experimenting with techniques passed down by my father, I demonstrated a willingness to expand my artistic skills and refine my style.

As I continue to nurture my creativity and explore various mediums and subjects, I am confident that my artistic journey will lead to even greater levels of expression and proficiency.

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Horse (Equine) Art, Pencil on Paper Collection