The Barb

If the horses can talk, maybe they can tell us the stories about the ancient times. They are men companions at wars and help us build the civilizations. And possibly they may tell the truth about the history. Or they are just the same as us, like to tell make-believe stories.

This drawing captured the fine-looking Barb wears the traditional horse tack, ready for the battle. The Barb originally from Barbary Region, now the modern Algeria, Morocco and Libya. When the Arabs came, many believe they had crossbred with the Arabian Horses. This illustration based on the book 'The Horse The complete Guide to Horse Breeds and Breeding' by Jane Kidd.

Media: Pencil on Paper


As a girl who grew up near the rainforest, I found that horse is the on of the most fascinating animals. While other animals busy in the rainforest, horses bound with humans as companions. They died in the battles, work on the farms and I realized how wonderful they are.


Horses. I love to draw them not just because of their mere beauty, but also their tales. From Noble steeds to beasts of burden. They brought me closer to humanity. Imagine if they could tell stories and write the history.


I like horse stories with humans more than the stories of wild horses, although I'm happy with their freedom. I really like their connection with humans and they helped humans to build the civilization. 

Winry Marini

Horse (Equine) Art, Pencil on Paper Collection