Washing Day!

Illustration by Winry Marini

Washing Day!
by English For student

Washing Day! Washing Day!!
Mother rubs the clothes this way.
Rub – a - dub,
Rub – a - dub,
Up and Down inside the tub!

The cure for writer’s block is laundry.
by Megan Willome

Cram both arms with dirty clothes and
stuff them in the washer.
Brim the detergent, vinegar, bleach, if you dare.
Sit back down.
Write a bit more.
In thirty minutes or an hour, the dinger will ding.
Heap the wet mess into the dryer,
but wait.
The dryer is already packed because you forgot
to fold the last load. Divest the dryer.
Fold the clean clothes, arranging them into piles:
one for him, with you beside him (where you always are),
one for the son, one for the daughter —
the closest they will ever be is these towering piles
of bras, boxers, T-shirts, jeans, uniforms.
Now the dryer is void. Fill it.
Sit down again.
When the dinger dings, ignore it.
Write on.
Forget to clear the dryer.

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