A Sanctuary - Message from Master Syo Bakarn

Illustration by Winry Marini, 2016, Pencil on Paper

The Last Message from Master Syo Bakarn to Jedi Consular
Star Wars: The Old Republic

From: Syo Bakarn
Subject: A Sanctuary

The Council has found a place for me. I cannot say where, but trust that I am far from anyone I could possibly harm. I have my books and my thoughts. I am trying to study my condition from within. What strange places we come to.

I am doing my best to pinpoint the other Children of the Emperor on the Council's behalf. Besides keeping the first Son contained, it is the most difficult task of my life. There are so many. Most of them are unaware of the darkness within them, as I was. We must see if anything can be done. I know how it feels to have the Emperor's power grasping your mind, after all. I can show them that there is hope.

It saddens me that this will probably be my last message to you, but I hope you will understand--it is your understanding, after all, that saved me. I have asked that Satele keep me apprised of your career. We both have work ahead of us.

I am please to sign this with my true name:


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